Skill Gaming is being billed as the next internet explosion and the successor to poker.

Player demographics, player conversion opportunities and outstanding levels of player loyalty are some features propelling skill gaming to the fore.

Skill gaming retains players longer
Skill gamers are more loyal players. With increasing levels of difficulty players developing skills are continuously challenged.

Skill gaming attracts a distinct demographic group
Skill gaming attracts many “reluctant gamblers” and currently boasts a significant proportion of female players.

Skill gaming offers major player conversion opportunities
Distinctly positioned, traditional gaming and skill gaming attract similarly distinct players. The thrill of random chance contrasting with the confident awareness of one´s own skill and experience.

Due to this, skill gaming is considered the ideal platform for converting new players to more traditional forms of gaming.

Real money wagering is the clear winner with Skill Gaming
Skill gamers are 16 times more likely to wager real money than play for fun.

More payment methods are available to Skill Gaming
Legally, skill games are categorised distinctly from games of chance. Skill games can therefore access payment methods which may be off limits to more traditional forms of gaming.

IGS Skill Gaming platform contains the most popular skill games being played today. Player favorites include trivia, chess and backgammon. New games are added to the platform on a regular basis.

The tournament and ring games cater to players of all levels. Both virtual and real money wagering is available.

Skill gaming promises to be one of the leading revenue generators on the internet in coming years. Europe and Asia are both still emerging skill gaming markets.

The IGS platform will allow for complete integration with other IGS products allowing for seamless cross marketing to player databases. Real time transparent reporting will allow for instant marketing and high player retention rates.

Customized skill games
IGS can design and customize skill games for your company. These skill games can be based on your company's or products theme in order to create brand awarenes. IGS has create customized skill games for many media companies in order to increase website traffic and branding.